Friday, 30 January 2015

Three Things Companies Do To Sabotage Their Brand

What things do you consider when you think of ways to promote your business? Brochures, slick web content, news releases and video content won’t help you much if you neglect these three things!

1. Don’t neglect internal communications. It is easy to focus on external communications, because most of your customers are outside of your company, but remember the importance of advocacy. If your employees aren’t raving about your company and products, your customers will be harder to attract and retain. Your employees sell your company to other consumers and also to potential employees. You want a strong team working for you and you want loyal customers. That is why a comprehensive internal communications strategy designed to support your employee engagement initiatives is essential.

2. Don’t neglect to monitor and engage in social media discussions related to your brand. Many companies have sussed onto the importance of social media, but only to a certain degree. Social media isn’t about spewing content at people. It is really all about engagement. You have to start a conversation with your audience and interact with them. Be prepared to address questions and comments all over the internet regarding your products or services. 18 year olds cannot do this effectively, by the way. Your Social Media Manager is now the voice of your company. Be careful who you choose to speak on your behalf.

3. Don’t neglect to develop consistent and impactful messaging. All marketing content and contact with media and advertisers should contain consistent messaging. Decide what your message really is and sing your song without faltering. This may mean having to come up with a few special phrases (sound bites) to create an impact and help make your company a little more memorable. It’s all about the message, so pick three key things you want the world to know about your brand and incorporate them into the blood and fiber of everything you say about your company, products and services. Make sure your messaging touches an emotion in your audience because every good sales person knows emotion sells! If you need help with your various communications strategies and tactics, contact me through Linkedin or my website. I’d be very happy to help you out!

Renée Cormier is a Public Relations and Communications Specialist, published author, sales and marketing strategist and all round great gal! Visit to contact.
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