Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Is Social Media Valuable?

I started my Level Best blog just 52 days ago. Since then I have received well over 500 page views from people all over the world. The content of this blog is not especially important so imagine the influence I could wield if I really wanted to change people's thinking with a critical message.

This blog was never meant to be anything more than an assignment for one of my PR classes. Social media is a big part of PR and an important part of our changing world. If you want to change people's thinking, try using social media. Blogs can be invaluable in influencing others. You can manage almost any impression through social media. If you are in business, you should embrace it. If you are in PR,  you are foolish if you haven't. If you ever find yourself questioning the value of social media, think a little harder. This tiny blog is proof of the reach that social media gives you. Thanks for reading!
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